Indonesian cuisine Manzo Restaurant opens in Colombo 12, also offering Indian dishes

PUBLISHED Jan 26, 2023

Exterior view of Manzo Restaurant

One month has passed since the Indonesian restaurant Manzo Restaurant (118, Sri Sumanatissa Mawatha, Colombo 12) opened in Colombo 12.

The restaurant, specializing in Indonesian cuisine as well as Indian dishes, opened on December 23. Located on the second floor of a building, the interior offers a private atmosphere with booth seating. The décor and tables incorporate abundant use of wood, and the seats and blinds feature deep red and black colors.

All menu items are Halal compliant. The main Indonesian menu includes Indonesian-style skewered grilled meat Satay (from Rs. 1,300); soup with Bakso meatballs (from Rs. 850); Bakso Lava, meatballs with chili sauce (from Rs. 3,450); chicken noodle Mie Ayam (Rs. 800); seafood noodles (Rs. 1,550); Nasi Lemak, rice cooked in coconut milk (Rs. 750); Beef Nasi Goreng (from Rs. 1,450); and other dishes.

The Indian menu includes seven kinds of Biryani with a choice of ingredients (from Rs. 750), Chicken Tikka Masala (Rs. 950), Beef Korma (Rs. 1,150), lamb or beef Kadai (from Rs. 1,150), and Fish Tikka (Rs. 1,150), to name a few. In addition, the restaurant also offers Kottu, an essential Sri Lankan dish. Delivery is also available.

  • Inside Manzo Restaurant

  • Booths of Manzo Restaurant

  • Satay from Manzo Restaurant

  • Example of Bakso Lava from Manzo Restaurant

  • Dish examples from Manzo Restaurant