Colombo medical and mobility company launches natural skincare brand ‘Prasara’

PUBLISHED Mar 16, 2023

“Prasara” skincare line products

Hemas Manufacturing, a medical and mobility company headquartered in Colombo City, launched the natural skincare brand “Prasara” on February 21.

The brand concept is “holistic ayurveda products for the entire family.” The company uses natural ingredients extracted from plants growing in Sri Lanka, such as Venivel, Amunelli, Manchadi, Valpenela, and Anasal, in its skincare products.

The brand name is a coined word combining “Pra” meaning “best and perfect” and “Sara” meaning “rich,” expressing the company’s desire to “enrich the lives of Sri Lankans with a focus on health and wellbeing.”

The lineup includes two types of soap (Rs. 255), toothpaste (Rs. 380), face cream (Rs. 500), and face wash (Rs. 420). A tonic for internal use is also available.

The products in this series will be available at retail stores and through the company’s online store.

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