‘Running Rivers: Pilgrims of Place’ – Joint exhibition by Kuweni Dias Mendis, Anup Vega

PUBLISHED Aug 8, 2023

Example of works on display

The contemporary art exhibition titled “Running Rivers: Pilgrims of Place” by artists Kuweni Dias Mendis and Anup Vega is underway at the Barefoot Gallery (Galle Road, Colombo 04) in Colombo.

Since 1999, Kuweni, based in Australia, has been creating art inspired by nature. As a “Traveling Artist,” she uses materials such as bush dyes, leaves, feathers, and handmade paper, sourced from various places to create works rooted in the landscapes of the locations she visits. Anup Vega serves as a mentor-like figure to Kuweni and is known for his exploration of landscapes and movement, depicting concepts of self, harmony, and the natural world.

The exhibition comprises two themes reflective of Kuweni’s experiences. “Running Rivers” primarily showcases Kuweni’s works, created while facing racism and seeking a sense of belonging as a migrant woman. Through the metaphor of flowing rivers, the focus is on immigrant identity and self-discovery. “Pilgrims of Place” displays artworks expressing her reconnection to her birthplace, Sri Lanka, focusing on recalibration, renewal, and regeneration,

The exhibition is open to the public from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. until August 20. Closed on Sundays.

  • Work by Kuweni Dias Mendis

  • Natural dyes were used

  • Work by Anup Vega

  • Work from Pilgrim Blues series