Delivered to your door – Japanese ingredients and seasonings available from reputable Japanese restaurant in Colombo

PUBLISHED Mar 23, 2021

Home delivery products from Nihonbashi Ingredients

A reputable Japanese restaurant in Colombo, Nihonbashi, launched Nihonbashi Ingredients this February. It is a delivery service of authentic Japanese seasonings and ingredients, which are also used at the restaurant.

Delivery items include boneless salmon (2 pieces/Rs. 1,500), boneless chicken legs (2 pieces/Rs. 500), bread crumbs (200 g/Rs. 500), pork belly slices (500 g/Rs. 1,500), tofu (300 g/Rs. 1,000), Indian Ocean salt from Sri Lanka (100 g/Rs. 100), spicy tonkatsu sauce (500 g/Rs.1,200), and seasoned soy sauce (600 ml/Rs. 1,200).

“Indian Ocean salt, tonkatsu sauce, and seasoned soy sauce have always been sold at the store, but we decided to make other ingredients available for delivery so that people can enjoy the taste of Japan more easily at home,” said Darshan Munidasa, the owner and chef of Nihonbashi.

Orders can be placed by calling the restaurant, through social media such as WhatsApp (+94779360250), or through a food delivery service Eat Me Global. Ordering through Uber Eats will be available soon.

They accept orders from noon to 7:00 p.m.

  • Indian Ocean Salt from Sri Lanka, available from Nihonbashi Ingredients

  • Seasoned soy sauce from Nihonbashi Ingredients