Online bakery in Dehiwala, suburb of Colombo – Offering finger foods

PUBLISHED Mar 18, 2021

Platters from Baking and Beyond by Ro

Baking and Beyond by Ro, an online bakery based in Dehiwala, a suburb of Colombo, is now offering party food platters.

The owner, Rohaya Suhayb, turned her longtime interest in baking into an online business in December, 2017.

Five types of finger foods (30 pieces in total), including corn-shaped chicken pies, egg boats, and vegetable quiche, are served on a large round plate. According to Suhayb, the idea came from the finger food platters that her aunt used to make at parties. The price ranges from 5,000 to 8,000 rupees.

Other baked goods – cookies, cakes, pies, and tarts – are also available and priced at between 50 and 100 rupees.

Orders can be placed via Facebook and Instagram. They recommend placing an order at least two days in advance.

  • Various treats from Baking and Beyond by Ro

  • Cake from Baking and Beyond by Ro