Online salad and health food store opens in Colombo, run by former hotel chef

PUBLISHED May 14, 2021

Salad from Chef Bernard’s

Chef Bernard’s, an online store that sells salads and health foods, opened in Colombo on April 3.

Bernard, who worked as a chef at the Mount Lavinia Hotel, started the store with his daughter, Tehani. He retired from the hotel after he was diagnosed with cancer, which gave him the idea of selling healthy food that could help prevent cancer.

The salads Chef Bernard’s offers include Energizer (Rs. 390) with vegetables such as lettuce and tomatoes, herbs, olives, pasta, and boiled eggs; Lu Lu Go Wild (Rs. 480) with vegetables, pasta, herbs, and smoked chicken; Caesar Salad (Rs. 550); Greek Salad (Rs. 500); Roast Beef and Vegetable Salad (Rs. 680); and Summer Chicken Salad (Rs. 850).

About 20 varieties to nuts and seeds – such as cashew nuts, almonds, and pumpkin seeds – are available in bags. Chef Bernard’s also offers honey, sausages, smoothies, soups, juices, and Katupila leaves, which are used in traditional Sri Lankan medicine.

“All the salads are homemade, and other products are also hand packed,” said Tehani. “We deliver our products to all over Sri Lanka, so please take advantage of our service.”

  • Nuts and seeds from Chef Bernard’s

  • Salad from Chef Bernard’s