Back of Beyond Agro celebrates its first anniversary – Dellivers fresh veggies and fruits

PUBLISHED May 21, 2021

Fresh veggies from Back of Beyond Agro

It’s been a year since Back of Beyond which run sustainable eco-tourism business and nature-conservation in Sri Lankastarted its online delivery service Back of Beyond Agro. 

Back of Beyond Agro officially started on 11th of April last year. They deliver fresh veggies, fruit, herbs, and spices as well as coconuts and other goodies sourced directly from local farmers to Colombo and outer suburbs once a week. 

The Back of Beyond manager Sumudu said“Mainly we have property and lands in Sigiriya village. So, we have the idea to start a new business from the agriculture side. In this covid 19 situation our management took this decision to start the delivery service. It is helpful to our staff and small farms.” 

All orders are accepted on its online shop. For purchases of Rs. 3,000 or more, the delivery fee to each household will be free. They offer Small Veggie Pack (2.5kg – 3kg, 5 varieties, Rs.500), Large Veggie Pack (5.5kg – 6kg, 10 varieties, Rs.1,000), Fruit Pack (5.5kg – 6kg, 5 varieties, Rs.1,000), and so on. The selection of vegetables will vary depending on availability. 

Sumudu also said, “Thank you to everyone who supported us along the way. We could not have done it without you all. Our main goal is to protect small scale farmers in the Sigiriya as well as to build up as a business. We will keep giving a good delivery service to the customers. We also have the idea to open new stores in the future.” 

  • Fresh veggies from Back of Beyond Agro

  • Staff at Back of Beyond Agro