Online baby-wear store offers all hand-knitted products in Colombo suburb of Kottawa

PUBLISHED May 27, 2021

Baby socks from Baby Clothing Essentials

It has been three months since Baby Clothing Essentials, an online store offering hand-knitted baby clothing, opened in the Colombo suburb of Kottawa.

The store’s products are all hand-knitted with yarn and wool. The owner of the store, Chriss, learned how to knit from her mother-in-law, who is an excellent knitter. Initially, it was a hobby, but she opened it as a business in Sep. 2017.

The store opened its Facebook page on Feb. 23 this year and began taking orders online. It mainly offers baby clothes, with a lineup that includes baby caps (Rs. 100), baby socks (Rs. 100), baby jackets (Rs. 600), baby pants (Rs. 600), and all-in-one sets (Rs. 1,300).

Chriss said: “All of our products are handmade by me and my mother-in-law. We aim to offer creative designs as well as durable products. We want to provide our customers with reasonably priced items and reliable delivery service.”

  • Baby clothing sets from Baby Clothing Essentials

  • Baby socks from Baby Clothing Essentials

  • Baby clothes from Baby Clothing Essentials