Colombo’s comprehensive beauty salon launches online yoga and Pilates lessons

PUBLISHED Jun 8, 2021

On-site participants interacting with online participants

NORIKO MATSUSHITA Sri Lanka, a comprehensive beauty salon in Colombo’s Havelock Town, started online yoga and Pilates lessons on June 7.

The salon offers daily exercise courses such as yoga, Pilates, aerobics, and kickboxing from Monday to Sunday. Yoga and Pilates are now available online. The lessons are conducted for participants in a studio facing the courtyard and are also broadcast online. They are taught in English by a Sri Lankan instructor.

Matsushita Noriko, the owner of the salon, said: “We named it World Session because we have participants from Japan, Belgium, Australia, and other countries in addition to those from Sri Lanka. I hope that people will enjoy yoga and Pilates together, connecting in real time with people all over the world while enjoying the atmosphere of Sri Lanka.” She also said that the salon has plans to offer yoga and Pilates lesson videos in the future.

The fee for online lessons starts at 1,500 yen per lesson. The schedule will be announced on the website.

  • A yoga lesson

  • A yoga instructor at NORIKO MATSUSHITA Sri Lanka