Online Sinhala crash course from Colombo – Introducing basic greetings and essential grammar

PUBLISHED Jun 22, 2021

Katha Bank’s Batik class

Katha bank Sri Lanka, an online teaching Sri Lankan language and culture in Colombo, started online Sinhala crash course The Sinhala Travel Pack on April.

Katha Bank was established on December 2019. The school teaches Sinhala language, Oriental languages (Pali and Sanskrit), as well as Sri Lankan culture such as cooking and creating batiks. The new Sinhala crash course introduces the basic greetings and day-to-day vocabulary of colloquial Sinhala and essential grammar. The founder of Katha Bank, Devin Ganegoda, said, “It is a focus for foreign travelers to visit Sri Lanka. To Learn small words to talk. It is used for their journey.”

The course lasts for two weeks and is held two days a week, four times in total (6 hours in total), and the course fee is 15,000 rupees. The holding time is mainly in the morning, and all classes are conducted in English. Currently, they have participants from England, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, etc.

Ganegoda also said, “Now I am studying for my two degrees. One is physics degree and Sinhala and Oriental Language degree. Other two instructors have the most experience in their field. If you want to easily learn Sinhala colloquial expressions before traveling, join us.”