Japanese jewelry workshop in Colombo celebrates 21st Anniversary – Custom piece through dialog

PUBLISHED Jun 24, 2021

Custom jewelry from D&O International

D&O International, a jewelry workshop in the Borella District of Colombo, celebrated its 21st anniversary on May 20.

The store opened on the same day in 2000 and has been working to create custom-made jewelry “tailored to each individual.” Unlike daily necessities, the price of jewelry is not always easy to estimate, so the cost of materials for gemstones and precious metals, as well as the labor cost of the craftsman who creates the jewelry, are clearly indicated at the workshop, and suggestions are made according to budget and taste. “Jewelry is not necessarily good because it is expensive. The important things are that you love it and that it suits you well,” said Otsuki Takayuki, the owner of D&O International. He said that most of the customers are Japanese, and many of them are long-time repeat customers.

D&O International has started offering online consultations since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Before making a purchase, customers may be asked to have some meetings with the workshop to check on the progress of the jewelry-making process. Otsuki said, “Jewelry is not something to be bought in a hurry. Sometimes you have to take your time and think about it before you make a decision. We don’t sell anything online without a consultation. We would like to continue to value communication.”

Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. – 5;30 p.m. Closed on Saturdays (every other week), Sundays, and holidays.

  • The jewelry workshop of D&O International

  • Custom jewelry from D&O International

  • Custom jewelry from D&O International