Unu Unu Tea Express opens in Colombo – Drive-Thru Pickup also available

PUBLISHED Jun 29, 2021

The exterior of Unu Unu Tea Express

Unu Unu Tea Express opened in the Bambalapitiya district, Colombo, April 21. Rinaz Rafaideen who was an award-Winning Marketer with over a decade of Experience in Marketing, and his childhood friend Haaziq Jaleel founded the shop.

They offer Signature Saffron Tea and Milk Maid Cardamom Tea. Price is 100 rupees for each tea. Rafaideen said, “Signature saffron tea is special; we are the only supplier in Sri Lanka. Milk Maid Cardamom is special for reducing stress.”

The shop name Unu Unu comes from hot tea they supply. Their tea can be kept warm for at least 20 or 25 minutes.

A large picture of a colorful butterfly is drawn on the wall of the shop. Rafaideen said, “When drinking tea, people can take a photo with a nice picture. As well as it is a good sight for reducing people’s stress.” Many photos taken in front of the butterfly have been posted on the shop’s SNS.

They have enabled Drive-Thru Pickup recently. “Every cup of Tea is specially brewed. We will make every tea instantly any time. Always try to keep our Sri Lankan Taste. We don’t use artificial taste in these teas.” Jaleel added.

Opening hours: 3:00 p.m. – Noon

  • Tea cup from Unu Unu Tea Express