Handcrafted chocolates online shop opens in Maradana, Colombo – Trusted delivery service guaranteed

PUBLISHED Jul 1, 2021

Chocolate fudge from Chocolica

Handcrafted chocolates online shop Chocolica opened in Maradana, a suburb of Colombo, in April.  

Preethi, founder of Chocolica, started the online shop as a hobby while working in a profession. In addition to chocolate sweets, Preethi also runs an online business that sells handmade soaps with herbs.  

Their chocolate items include Classic – a spherical white chocolate-coconut confection; Dark – fudge with cashew; Caramel Buff – caramel centred chocolate; Choco Cookie – a spherical ‘biscuity’ milk chocolate; Coconut Bar – a coconut filling coated with milk chocolate, and so on. Price range is from 80 rupees to 90 rupees. 

Preethi said, “We always take limited quantity because we want to protect our best quality. We guarantee trusted delivery service.” 


  • Chocolate fudge from Chocolica

  • Classic from Chocolica