Secrets by Ayana enhances online delivery – Offering Ayana Sea quality

PUBLISHED Aug 17, 2021

Macaron from Secrets by Ayana

Secrets by Ayana, which offers a range of unique fast-food items, launched their online shop on June 19, in Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte.

Secrets by Ayana is a subsidiary of Ayana Sea Sri Lanka, who specialize in the hospitality industry. They offer products like Burgers, Wraps, Donuts, and many more. Marketing Manager Dinith Paul De Silva says, “We currently run our operations remotely due to the pandemic situation, but we have a kitchen located in Kotte, which is used to send out deliveries through Uber Eats and Pick Me Foods. We have plans to create our restaurant very soon, hopefully once the pandemic situation is resolved.”

The menu includes Spicy Secret Chicken Burger (Rs.1,210), Spicy Chicken Tenders (Rs.910), and Chili Chicken Wrap (Rs.1,230). There are various types of donuts such as strawberry, baby blue chocolate and cinnamon sugar, all priced at 270 rupees. Macaroons are sold in boxes of 7 (Rs.1,230).

Paul De Silva adds, “We provide unique items that are not already there in Sri Lanka, such as our Secret Red Burger. We do not use food coloring like other restaurants, we take the color from beetroot. Plus, our products are high quality because of our partnership with Ayana Sea, who have a fantastic team. This allows us to bring great taste with high quality standards which the Sri Lankan market has not yet experienced. We plan to continuously innovate and launch novel food items for our customers.”

Opening hours: 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. Orders are taken via Pick Me Food and Uber Eats.

  • Burgers from Secrets by Ayana

  • Wrap from Secrets by Ayana

  • Donuts from Secrets by Ayana