Online platform Sky Connect launches in Colombo: ‘Bring aspiring pilots closer to their dreams’

PUBLISHED Sep 28, 2021

Rezin David (right), one of the co-founders

On September 1, Sky Connect, an online platform that provides educational content for aspiring pilots, launched in Colombo.

It organizes online events on Instagram and runs a YouTube Channel that shares the knowledge needed to become a pilot. Rezin David, an aviator/co-founder, says: “While pursuing a career in aviation, we have noticed that there has been a huge lack of information which has caused us to make several mistakes along our journey. This could have been avoided if we had access to the information and been able to do our research before getting started. We would like to give aspiring pilots access to the information and bring them closer to their dreams.”

On September 18, Sky Connect held a question and answer session, inviting the public to submit questions and the pilots answering them via live streaming on Instagram. They plan to continue holding aviation-related events and workshops that emphasize dialogue.

“We strive not only to give wings to the next generation of aviators but also to inspire, educate, and connect aviation enthusiasts. We want to build a bridge to connect them to a whole new community of aviators,” David added.