Digital marketing agency Infosight opens in Colombo suburb – Focusing on end-to-end digital solution

PUBLISHED Oct 5, 2021

Avinash Fernando, Chairman, and Oshadri Wijeyratne, CEO

Three months have passed since Infosight, a digital marketing and application development agency, opened its doors in the Kirilapone district of the Colombo suburbs.

The business opened on June 17. Avinash Fernando, who worked for a major company in the digital marketing industry for two years, started the agency with Oshadri Wijeyratne after realizing that “some mainstream companies are outdated, lacking creativity, and not staying relevant.”

“Identifying the issue and responding accordingly can be more vital than you think. As a compact firm, we can devote all our resources to deliver the perfect final product for your exact fit,” says Wijeyratne, the CEO. It focuses on tailor-made end-to-end digital solutions, and prices vary depending on the client’s requirement, scale, and budget.

Wijeyratne added, “Our employees persevere to keep up with all the trends and to be flexible with fresh ideas. We aim to offer you a broad variety of exotic designs and features for your specific desire, with the up-to-date customer experience and an ever-lasting impression from psychology expertise.”

Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.