Colombo’s online store The Bikini House starts offering kids’ swimwear and gift boxes

PUBLISHED Oct 7, 2021

The owner Kaveesha Sabhani Thilakasiri

The Bikini House, a Colombo-based online store for women’s swimwear and resort wear, has launched a new swimwear line for children and gift boxes.

The store opened on Instagram in January 2019. Kaveesha Sabhani Thilakasiri, the owner, said that she had an entrepreneurial passion from a young age and wanted to bring something unique to the local market. “Sri Lanka is an island surrounded by beautiful beaches, and beachwear has become the mainstay of vacation style. Here’s when thought I should go for it as it was difficult to find a variety of designs that fit all sizes and body types at affordable prices at the time,” she recalls.

In May this year, the store began selling swimsuits for children. In addition to single items, there are also collections for mothers and children using the same materials and matching designs. Examples of prices for a one-piece swimsuit are 2,900 rupees for kids and 3,100 rupees for adults. In August, it released gift boxes that include swimwear, sunglasses, beach accessories, and a beach coat at an average price of 5,000 rupees.

Thilakasiri added: “We are a proud supporter of the body positivity movement. We aim to provide a service that is to make our customers comfortable in choosing their swimwear and make them feel good and confident.”

Opening hours: 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

  • Parent-child matching one-piece swimwear from The Bikini House

  • A bikini set from The Bikini House

  • Swimwear for kids from The Bikini House

  • A gift box from The Bikini House