Cloud kitchen Sin’namons in Colombo suburb offers savory cinnamon rolls

PUBLISHED Oct 26, 2021

Chili Mayo Cinnamon Rolls

It has been almost three months since Sin’namons, an online cinnamon roll shop, opened in Wellawatte, a suburb of Colombo.

The business opened on August 9. Narmadha Saseedharan, the owner, said: “A good friend of mine introduced cinnamon rolls to us, and my daughter got addicted to it. That inspired me to give it a try. I also had this crazy idea of making savory rolls, hence we decided to bake what’s on our mind.” Operating as a cloud kitchen, she makes cinnamon rolls at home with her daughter and sells them through delivery.

Two types of cinnamon rolls are available at Sin’namons: sweet and savory. In addition to the Classic, the sweet rolls come in seven varieties, including Sugar Glaze, Milky Way, Cream Cheese, and Dark Chocolate. The prices start from 250 rupees. There are two types of savory rolls: Chili Mayo (Rs.400) and Spicy Cheese (Rs.500). The drink menu includes Sukku Coffee (Rs.200 for black, Rs.300 for with milk), a common home remedy used in Tamil households, Cardamom Milk (Rs.200), and Ginger Tea (Rs.120).

“We are hoping to add more flavors, such as spicy cheese and double chocolate,” said Narmadha. “We are looking for vendors who might want to display our products. In the near future, we want to open our own physical store in one of the malls.”

Opening hours 800 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Sin’namons accepts orders on its Instagram and Appigo pages.

  • Cinnamon rolls from Sin’namons

  • Milky Way from Sin’namons

  • Chili Mayo from Sin’namons