Colombo’s online store Fleur & Fork offers desserts made with flowers

PUBLISHED Nov 16, 2021

Rose Kunafa Cheesecake Nests

It has been almost five months since Fleur & Fork, an online store offering desserts made with flower petals, opened in Colombo.

The store opened on June 21. While working as a doctor, Nethashi Jayatilaka, the owner, opened the store to offer “niche and unique desserts” using her original recipes. “Recipe creating was always a hobby of mine, and it helped me de-stress in medical school. This was just a passion project that took full bloom,” she said jokingly.

Most of Jayatilaka’s desserts include a floral element, and the lineup includes Rose Kunafa Cheesecake Nests with rose cheesecake filling, Baby Blues cupcakes colored blue with butterfly pea flowers, Lavender Daydream scones with lavender, and Spice Spice Baby spiced with rose chai. Prices range from 1,200 rupees to 5,000 rupees.

“I like creating dishes that are as pleasing to the eyes. Appearances, especially the first appearances, go a long way in how you make your impression, and I want Fleur & Fork to leave a lasting impression on anyone who gets to try it,” said Jayatilaka. With this idea, orders are also delivered with flowers. Currently, she is planning to introduce new desserts as well as savory items. She added, “If things go well, I would like to open a physical store.”

Delivery hours are from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

  • Rose Kunafa Cheesecake Nests from Fleur & Fork

  • Rose Kunafa Cheesecake Nests from Fleur & Fork