Online spice store Sri Lankan Spice Cart in Colombo offers organic and fair trade products

PUBLISHED Dec 7, 2021

Products from Sri Lankan Spice Cart

Sri Lankan Spice Cart, an online store offering spices and spice products cultivated on farms throughout Sri Lanka, opened in November.

The company is based in the hills of Kandy in central Sri Lanka and the coastal area of Colombo, founded by Fahim Shakoor and his wife on April 14 this year. “Our spices and products are ethically produced and sourced from home growers naturally nurtured by the sun and rain without chemical fertilizers, and growers are paid a very fair price for their goods, ” said Fahim. “We value and take care of our home growers like our extended family. We are committed to supporting the small home garden growers, especially during this COVID pandemic fallout.”

Available dried spices include black pepper (250 grams = Rs.430), cinnamon (50 grams = Rs.275), nutmeg (Rs.160), and tamarind (200 grams = Rs.350). The “rice pullers” are sold in jars, and the lineup includes Banana Flower and Dried Prawn Baduma (Rs.150); Eriyal (Rs.900), a seasonal delicacy from Galle Fort; and Brinjal Moju (Rs.700), eggplant with chili and ginger.

They recently have added new products such as Isso Baduma and Polos Achcharuwa, which are blends based on ancestral recipes from different regions. Fahim is now working on developing the business, including exporting spices. “Our spices are dried in the sunshine, roasted, smoked naturally, and blended. This alchemical process of transforming spices inspires and drives our family business. We take pride in our care to detail in producing authentic spices and value in quality with organic fair trade,” he added.

  • Jaffna Garlic Pickle from Sri Lankan Spice Cart

  • Sri Lankan Spice Cart’s stall at the One Galle Face shopping mall

  • Dried Spices from Sri Lankan Spice Cart

  • An example of a dish prepared with the spice blend Eriyal