The Picky Eater in Colombo suburb offers natural baby cookies

PUBLISHED Jan 6, 2022

Baby cookies from The Picky Eater

Three months have passed since The Picky Eater, an online store offering baby cookies based in Wattala, a suburb of Colombo, opened its doors.

The store, opened on October 4 last year and run by Rinzan Caseer and Mizra Sarap, offers “healthy” baby cookies and crackers. “Most store-bought cookies had preservatives and artificial flavors,” says Mizra. “I made my own cookies for my little picky eater with natural ingredients. This made us realize that there are other parents like us who want quality baby cookies for their kids. That’s when we decided to start this business.”

Their cookies, in the shape of animals and flowers, are available in various flavors. Some examples include Cereal Cookies; Oats & Dates Cookies; and Kurakkan, Banana, and Raisin Cookies, and the prices start from 280 rupees. The latest addition to the lineup is Apple Semolina Bites, naturally sweetened with apples.

Mizra added: “Our cookies are additive-free, low in sugar, and low in salt. They are perfect not only for babies and kids, but also for adults who are into healthy snacks. We are hoping to launch new products in the future.”

The store accepts orders via Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

  • Apple Semolina Bites from The Picky Eater

  • Oats & Dates Cookies from The Picky Eater

  • The Picky Eater’s Christmas packaging

  • Crackers from The Picky Eater