Colombo’s cloud kitchen Mama’s Pot offers milk bread with diverse ingredients

PUBLISHED Mar 17, 2022

Cheese Garlic Milk Bread

It has been a year and a half since the Colombo-based Mama’s Pot, a cloud kitchen specializing in milk bread, opened its doors. It takes orders via Instagram and offers them for delivery.

The store, which offers milk bread loaves mixed with a variety of ingredients, opened in October 2020. The owner said that she enjoyed “cooking adventures” with her mother during the lockdown. The impetus for starting the business came from her desire to “share happy and satisfying food with those around me in these uncertain times.” She named it “Mama’s Pot” as her mother encouraged her to start her own business.

The signature item is milk bread, which uses milk instead of water in production. The popular items are the round Chili & Herb Mozzarella Garlic Dough Balls (Rs.2,700), Cheese Garlic (Rs.2,500), Chicken Bacon (Rs.2,900), and Cheese Tuna (Rs.3,300). Other lineup includes Spicy Tuna & Egg, Corned Mutton Marmite Scrolls, Chili Rotisserie Chicken Wheels for savory items, and milk bread with passion fruit for those with a sweet tooth.

Orders are by reservation only and accepted via Mama’s Pot Instagram page. She plans to open a physical store by the end of this year.

  • Passion fruit milk bread from Mama’s Pot

  • Egg, ham, and cheese breakfast croissants from Mama’s Pot

  • Pancakes prepared for its one-year anniversary

  • Chili & Herb Mozzarella Garlic Dough Balls from Mama’s Pot