Wood engraving store The D-signer Colombo launches custom wedding ring holders

PUBLISHED Mar 24, 2022

Natural wood wedding ring holder

The D-signer Colombo (259/1 Polhengoda Rd, Kirulapana, Colombo 05, TEL +94766354310), a business that specializes in wood-engraved signs and artworks in Colombo 5 district, launched wedding ring holders in February.

Dilshan Samarakkody, a self-taught woodworker, opened the store in 2020. He offers custom-made wood carved and laser engraved products made from scrap wood and offcut lumber sourced from carpenters and small manufacturers in the Moratuwa area.

The newly-launched wedding ring holders come in various types, including round and heart-shaped tray types, natural wood slice types that feature the bark in its original state, and box types decorated with floral and other motifs. In addition to names, dates, and messages, sizes and designs can be customized, with prices starting at 7,000 rupees. The company also offers laser engraving of portrait and commemorative photos on wooden plates. Available woods include teak, mahogany, and jackwood, to name a few. Prices vary depending on what customers specify, which start at 9,500 rupees for A3 size, 6,500 rupees for A4, 4,500 rupees for A5.

Samarakodi says: “I started out by applying a design to wood, and the final result was so amazing. In the future, I want to add leather and metals to the lineup.” He also focuses on social welfare and environmental conservation, preferentially hiring at-risk urban youth who have been through rehabilitation programs and donating two percent of revenue to tree-planting programs.

Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

  • Heart-shaped wedding ring holder by The D-signer Colombo

  • Box-type wedding ring holder by The D-signer Colombo

  • Photo engraved wooden boards by The D-signer Colombo