Sri Lanka Railways introduces online ticket reservation system and cashless payment

PUBLISHED Mar 29, 2022

Sri Lanka Railways

On March 22, Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Transportation announced the introduction of an online reservation system that allows train seats to be booked through a website and mobile application.

This is the first fully digitalized system in the country, from ticket reservation to purchase, and will enable passengers from anywhere in the world to book train tickets for first-class, first-class observation, second-class, and third-class, as well as round-trip tickets for all routes. The system has also been developed to include the issuance of permits.

Payment can be made by VISA, MasterCard, and LankaQR, the Central Bank of Sri Lanka’s mobile payment service. At stations that support the M-Ticketing service, passengers can also obtain their reserved tickets by presenting their National Identity Card (NIC) or passport.

In the future, the Department of Railways plans to issue electronic tickets through this system and verify tickets using the QR code.

Both the iPhone and Android apps are free of charge and can be downloaded from the respective stores.

  • A route in Central Sri Lanka

  • Train bridge Nine Arch Bridge