Pink Drives, taxi service by women for women in Colombo, seeks drivers

PUBLISHED May 19, 2022

Pink Drives’ taxi with logo on the body

Pink Drives (Phone: +94 775 227727), a taxi service exclusively for women and children, is currently looking for female drivers.

Deegenics Pvt. Ltd., a software company, launched the service in September 2020. All drivers are women, and users are also limited to women and children. In the case of boys, they accept only those under the age of 15. Women can call for a taxi by phone, on their website, or through a smartphone application.

The current service area is Colombo and its suburbs. When the service first started, one driver provided service mainly in Colombo City, but the number had increased to 25 by last fall because of its popularity. In March, the company began recruiting through social media to increase the number of drivers so that more women can travel safely.

The service has been welcomed by many women as a safe means of transportation without the fear of sexual harassment by male drivers. It also plays an important role as a source of income for female drivers. Last year, the Computer Society of Sri Lanka (CSSL) awarded Pink Drives as the Best Social Innovator for its positive contribution to women’s empowerment by enabling women with more opportunities and support.