Tamil restaurant Paadum Meen opens in Colombo 4

PUBLISHED Jun 7, 2022

Meat dish from Paadum Meen

Three months have passed since Paadum Meen (No. 8 Frankfurt Place Colombo 00400, Sri Lanka), a restaurant specializing in Tamil cuisine, opened in Colombo 4.

The restaurant opened in February this year. It serves Tamil cuisine and other local dishes from the eastern region of Sri Lanka. Tamil cuisine is found in the northern and eastern areas of Sri Lanka and in southern India. It is characterized by the use of various spices such as curry leaves, coriander, ginger, garlic, and tamarind.

The restaurant’s interior, featuring a fireplace lined with firewood, is finished in natural earth colors. The interior design incorporates elements reminiscent of Tamil cultures, such as metal cups and lamps and winnows made of natural materials.

It offers vegetarian, seafood, and meat dishes, all are Halal. The menu includes Puliyanam, a spiced soup; Nei Parata, bread made with butter oil; Butter Fish, a creamy fish curry; Prawn Thokku, a South Indian curry; Kabsa Chicken Rice; and Baked Fish Wrapped in Banana Leaf. The signature drink is Kuluki Sarbath, a lemonade garnished with basil seeds and green chili.

Opening hours: Noon – 11:00 p.m. (Fridays from 130 p.m.).

  • The exterior of Paadum Meen

  • Inside Paadum Meen

  • The fireplace of Paadum Meen

  • Kuluki Sarbath from Paadum Meen

  • A curry dish from Paadum Meen