Bakery Paan Paan opens 6th outlet in Colombo 02, featuring a Sandwich Bar

PUBLISHED Oct 5, 2023

Exterior of Paan Paan on Staples Street

Two months have passed since the bakery Paan Paan (No. 35, Staples Street, Colombo 02) opened its sixth outlet on Staples Street in Colombo 02.

Lanka Premier Foods operates the business. The company began in 2012 as a store offering Health Bread and White Bread. With the idea that “food is the best means to prevent health issues,” it produces and sells health-conscious bread without preservatives or flavor enhancers. The company has been expanding its “Paan Paan” bakery chain primarily in Colombo city, and the new outlet on Staples Street, which opened on August 2, is its sixth.

The interior, designed by an Italian architect, features a design based on off-white tones and makes generous use of natural wood. In addition to the sales area, it has a dine-in space consisting of table seating, counter seating, and sidewalk terrace seating, with a total of 18 seats. There is also a sandwich bar where customers can customize sandwiches to suit their tastes. It plans to open a café and lounge on the second floor at the end of the year.

The product lineup includes Multi Seed Bread (Rs. 600), Atta Flour Chapatis (Rs. 460), Sour Dough Bread with Sunflower Seeds (Rs. 550), French Baguette (Rs. 300), Garlic Bread (Rs. 380), and Traditional Sri Lankan Roast Bread (Rs. 100). It also offers savory and sweet items, including patties with various fillings, beef pies, spicy tuna buns, chocolate croissants, éclairs, coffee cream donuts, almond tarts, and more. The dine-in menu features submarine sandwiches, chapati wraps, cheese melt, and tandoori burgers, to name a few.

Opening hours: 6:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m. Paan Paan offers delivery services.

  • Sales counter at Paan Paan

  • Table seating and counter seating at Paan Paan

  • Interior of the dine-in space at Paan Paan

  • Examples of Health Bread

  • Tandoori burger from Paan Paan